A Melody of Diaries is a blog of many journals from fashion to food to travel but besides all that I want this blog to also serve as a guide for people. 
If I can inspire, help or even influence at least one person then I'm happy.

Now saying that, as a blogger and a rookie Youtuber, I am very lucky enough to be occasionally approached by brands and/or companies to collaborate with them. Although most of the items featured in this blog (especially those I review) are bought with my own money, I am still nonetheless a willing and happy lass with partaking in collaborations and discovering new brands and sharing them with you.

Some of these brands/companies are happy enough to send me free samples to try in turn for a full honest review.
All reviews I do of products be it sponsored or not are all my own opinions and aren't shrouded with any taint from other parties be it the brand, other reviews I've read, product advertising, etc.

Furthermore, all collaborations and products I try are only accepted and done so because these brands and items are things I would personally use and buy myself and wouldn't have taken it up if it were otherwise.

Sponsored posts are marked with an 'asterisk' (*) and labelled 'sponsored' for easier understanding and viewership.


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