Bonjour lovelies! I don't actually speak any French but it's my favourite language ever and there goes a little intro about myself to you :D but French and the non-existent knowledge of it aside I'd like to actually introduce myself.

I'm Mariel Janina, a 22 year old born and raised Filipino. When I was 13, I moved to England where I still currently reside.
 I started this blog on my late teens, firstly because I wanted to blog about my obsession with anime and TV shows and just other random things that teens get into but then eventually I got more interested in fashion and beauty as I grew older so then I started blogging about these topics.

There was a period during my teen years when I got majorly obsessed with diaries and notebooks and so I started collecting them. 'A Melody of Diaries' was born from said obsession.

In present time, this blog now serves as an online diary of travel adventures, fashion transitions, beauty ramblings and most importantly a diary of reflection.

So I hope you enjoy viewing the pictures, reading through my ramblings and connecting the stories in this diary.

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