Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Silky Sleep

Sleeping is probably one of the best things and most looked forward moment in anyone's day, it sure is mine.

Comfort, of course is the most important thing when sleeping, it's all about a feeling fully rested.
Now speaking of comfort everyone has different preferences when it comes to being comfortable when it's time to switch off. Some likes it pitch black whilst some has to have a light on. Some people may wear almost nothing in bed whilst some may be in full on pjs. 
And then there's some who may be a  bit more sensitive or would like to go an extra mile and prefer their sheets silk over cotton just like Blair Waldorf.
For myself, I'm all about the total darkness and serenity to get me snoozing so when Lilysilk was kind enough to send me an eye mask which was made of pure silk, I jumped at the chance.

I've had a fair few eye masks before and never have I felt a softer, smoother mask than this one. It just feels so soft and gentle on the skin and I like how the band is adjustable at the back to suit your head unlike some that can be too big or too tight and just totally uncomfortable.

Silk is a material I don't really delve with so much be it with clothes or accessories but after using this mask, I'm beginning to understand why one might have silk sheets and/or pyjamas. 
It also made me tap into my inner Blair and I must admit, I woke up feeling so refreshed and well rested.
 Lilysilk also sent me some beauty cocoons, which I've never heard of before so I didn't really know what to expect.
Before it's arrival, I read about the product and found out that they help with keeping wrinkles at bay, are used for exfoliation and also help with pores.

The cocoons are very odd, they feel like cardboard circles but the instructions tell you to soak them in warm water before use and so I did and just like other exfoliators they became softer and more pliable.
I used one just to test it out first basically just scrubbed my face with it to remove dead skin and also massage my face especially on my t zone as it said where the pores are most active.
After washing my face clean, I immediately felt how smoother my face felt especially my t zone. So I am very much looking forward to using these more and seeing how it goes.
The set comes with 12 cocoons and they can all be used at least twice so that's 24 times, so you're almost set for a whole month.

Both products I'd recommend and if you love your silk or looking into investing into some softness and utter comfort-ability you should check out Lilysilk for some silk loving. 

*This post is sponsored by Lilysilk*
All opinions are of my own and does not reflect those of the website and company. (See my full disclaimer for more)


  1. Cute pjs, and lovely post x

  2. Lovely !

    Giveway, win a pair of Polette sunglasses !

  3. Beautiful post my dear!!! This is my new post Welcome! )

  4. ohhh sounds like a nice eye mask. I live for smooth skin, so I should definitely look into this one :)

    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  5. This is such a great post! Love the Pj's ! x
    I would so love it if you could check out my blog x

  6. The pj's are adorable. I would actually wear it as an outfit, i love it. xox

  7. The cocoons sound cool! When I first saw the post I thought those were earplugs or something :))

  8. Love the pretty top!


  9. Lovely sleep set, perfect for a sleepover.

    xx Falasha
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  10. that embroidery is so pretty! x

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  11. Mmmm the best kind of sleep!

    Krissie x -

  12. Haha, it's so true! I definitely look forward to sleep every day and even take little naps just so I can experience that glorious thing at least twice a day! Love this post <3

    Kristy x

  13. I love your pics!

    Alice Cerea,

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  14. The set is lovely! xx

  15. Looks great! Very nice blog you have! Keep up the good work

  16. Cute pics, and the sleeping mask look so comfortable !



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