Sunday, April 26, 2015

Shoe Collection Series: Basic Black Boots

Some girls love handbags, some girls love make-up but some girls love shoes and I happen to fall in that category.
Shoes are my guilty pleasure and I have no self control when it comes to shoes, I have pairs I have never worn and pairs I've only worn at least once, I know it's really bad! 
Recently, my outlook on shoes started to shift and I've been able to set some guidelines: 'Buy it only if you're going to wear it'..'Buy it if you're going to wear it more than once'
(clockwise: Bank, Primark, Office, New Look)
Since then, I haven't really bought that many pairs and instead I've been hopping on from pair to pair of what's already in my shoe shelves and trying to get the wear out of them and even discovering other ways to style outfits.
(clockwise: *online store, River Island, River Island, Jessica Buurman)
A few years ago I did a shoe collection post (see here) and since then I've been meaning to do a video and actually attempted to do one last year but alas! It wasn't meant to be. 
I gave it another go last week, feeling inspired and motivated and I actually liked the the way it turned out.
(clockwise: River Island, *online store, Primark)
Now, I give you an updated shoe collection that I'll be doing in a series of blog posts starting with this: Basic Black Boots. Black boots go with everything and they come in a range of different styles and I just LOVE them.
Watch the video below to see how they look worn and also I have been feeling inspired to start making videos again so check out my channel here and subscribe if you would like to see more of this series and other videos too.

P.S. If you have any suggestions on video ideas, please let me know :) xo

*I have forgotten what the online store was called, sorry about that*
(Disclaimer: I am not trying to show off or boast, I just merely love shoes and I love this kinds of posts and videos and love seeing the different styles myself so it inspired me to do one myself.)



  1. Cool Post!!! I love shoes, too and have such a huge collection. Like your collection :) Liuba x

  2. You have such a nice collection of boots, great styles!

  3. Wow, you own a lot of black shoes haha =]

  4. Great collection of black boots!

  5. I am just like you! And I love your taste x
    much love

  6. Haha I'm the same I have a weekness for ankle black boots !

  7. I love black boots! They're pretty much all I wear.
    Rubi | Instagram | The Den |

  8. Perfect collection of boots x

  9. Great collection, I love your boots :)

  10. And here I thought that I had one-to-many pairs of black boots, haha. They're all lovely.
    I'm An Airhead. Oh Wow!

  11. Such an amazing collection! Seeing this post made me realise that I need to upgrade my boots game lol x

  12. Love boots! t's fun to see all of the different styles, but I'm more than ready to get out my sandals :)

    Warm Regards,

  13. Lovely shoe collection! Boots are love!
    Would you like to follow each other?

  14. You have a damn cool collection, love all of them!

    Printed or Plain

  15. Okay but your collection of boots IS amazing. And you have so many great ways to wear them! I say keep on buying them if it makes you happy! I know I'll keep buying lipstick even though I certainly have enough!


  16. wow!!! those are loads :)
    kisses from dubai ♥

  17. Your collection of boots is over the top and I love it! I also wish i could borrow a few pairs.

  18. These shoes are really good. Perfect for wearing in a party.

  19. such a great selection of boots! i defo know that feel xx
    elly from alldeathbydiamonds

  20. I got crazy with black shoes as well. realised that I have this experience when when I open my shoe closet and almost everyone of them are black hihi. Nice boots btw! I love every last pair of em! <3


  21. OMG ALL THESE GEMS I DIE, you're a lucky chick

  22. Really nicee!
    Can you check out my blog;

    Its a new blog x


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