Sunday, February 8, 2015

Amsterdam pt. 1

I have always wanted to visit Amsterdam so when I was chosen for this European programme and I found out that I was going to Antwerp, I googled it's location and as soon as I saw that it is just by the border of Netherlands, then and there I made up my mind that I have to go to Amsterdam before my programme ends and that I did.

I have never been to Netherlands before so excitement was the understatement of the year when the time came closer to visiting Amsterdam.
We (myself and my gal pals from my programme) only had 48 hours in the city as we all had work  so I did my research of what we need to do and see most.

We got up really early on a Sunday morning to catch a 7:45 train which meant we were in Amsterdam for around 10:30. We ate food, got our 48hr tram tickets and then headed out to check in to our hotel and then we set out to see the city.

The city is famous for many things one of them being their countless number of canals and bridges and trust me when I say that they really are picture perfect. 

After spending a few good minutes taking photos of canals we moved on to go to the place we all wanted to visit most: the Anne Frank museum. On the way there, we stumbled upon this street full of street art/graffiti, which I actually didn't see on any websites when I was doing my research so I was really pleased we did. 

The museum greeted us with a long queue and because we only had 48 hrs we all agreed to come back early the next day to beat the long queue. Therefore, we moved on to visit Rijkmuseum to see 'I AMSTERDAM' and visit Van Gogh museum.

More from Amsterdam soon..stay tuned xo


  1. aah amsterdam, that city has my love and i'm so furtunate to live so close by, and i'm sure you've enjoyed your 48H there, it's an amazing city
    xx ish
    Tiny Heart Beats

  2. Loveed your photos!! And love Amsterdam too you are so lucky!!! Enjoy your trip :D

  3. These pictures are looking so awesome !

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  4. I just loooooove Amsterdam! Great photos, looks like you have a grand time!

  5. It looks like such a vibrant city, definitely need to pay it a visit this summer!

  6. Lovely pictures! You look beautiful! x

  7. Amsterdam is beautiful


  8. I can't wait to visit Amsterdam!!
    Instagram: @favro

  9. Great post! I'm heading to Amsterdam next month so I'm excited to see more of your photos :)

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  10. Amsterdam looks so pretty and artsy! Looks like you had a great time!

  11. Lovely photos, dear!!
    Amsterdam looks amazing!!!!

    Stop by my blog sometime!!

    Marianna Papagiannopoulou BLOG

  12. Amsterdam is veeery colorful city. :) By the way, your outfit was amazing!

  13. Beautiful pictures, love your outfit :)

  14. It's a gorgeous city indeed! You look amazing on the photos!


  15. What a beautiful and artistic city! I would love to visit, looks like you had a super cool time and I love your scarf x

  16. I'd love to visit Amsterdam one day.
    Definitely on my to-do list

    UK High Street Fashion Blog

  17. Love all your photos, I'd love to visit Amsterdam, such a beautiful city. Love your scarf as well.

    Emma x
    Writing Essays With Wine


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