Sunday, February 23, 2014

Week Review #2

(avocado loving morning)

(my version of brownies, morning light, throwback to Eden Project, city rocks)

(current read: Looking For Alaska)

(Classic Tartan, Snowy photoshoot, when at work, bestfriends)


(no more sunshine)

(TMI tag, sunshine morning stroll, Flashback blog post, what book to read next)

(Hop and Vine pub grub, roses room decor, wood a wood chuck wood, sporting bed hair)

Another week review, quite a lot of snaps for a week, can you tell I'm obsessed with Insta? I actually have over 20 more pics to post throughout the week, ooops haha.

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Have a fab week lovelies xo



  1. Loving your feed lately! x

  2. Those brownies look lovely! Are you enjoying Looking For Alaska? I finished it last month and loved it :) x

  3. @Megan thank you :) haha I made it and can't wait to make some more of them <3 and I did enjoy it, I finished it not long ago and must say that it's definitely up my alley, all these teen flicks and such, was such a good read :)

  4. Cool pictures !

  5. I was insta obsessed for a while too, I've been there...but now I am calmer with:) You look cute with the plaid coat and chambray shirt. And cactus... very nice! Have a lovely melody of day <3.

    Nataya from Naty Ponders & Chachamisu

  6. What a great pics and you are so pretty! :)

  7. Gorgeous photos, you're so stunning! Is Looking for Alaska good? Considering giving it a read! Followed you :)

    Rags of Love - Win a pair of London Retro Specs!

  8. @Bel thank you dear :) and yes, it most certainly is, the plot is good and well the entire book is amazing, John Green is definitely good :)

  9. I really want to read some of John Greens books! Especially The Fault In Our Stars - looks like you have lots of them. x

    Georgina | headintheclouds

  10. Love your blogpost it's always so cute and the book you're reading right now is amazing (: x

  11. love the photos!

  12. Lovely photos, I almost died at the first one...going through an avocado obsession at the moment!! XX

  13. Beutiful pictures, your cat is lovely!


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