Monday, May 27, 2013

gothic dressing in spring

(hat & dress - Topshop, cross earrings - Primark, loafers - River Island, lipstick - Mac 'Diva')

Hello lovelies, I am still alive and well in case you have been wondering why I haven't posted for so long and here's my excuse as usual. Moving from the north to the south of England and along with it I had to live with my sister for a week and travel back and forth via train to college so I had barely any time to do some blogging. I was also trying to spend as much time as I can with my friends hence the lack of time online and finally the never ending need to finish college work which I still have to do actually :(

Anyway, now I have finally moved down south and have a bit more time in my hands although not much but here's a post to tell you guys I'm still here and living :) I have included a vlog of leaving and my first week here down south too.

These pictures were taken from our old house back up north, I think it may actually be the last outfit shots I got from there. A bit gothic for Spring but more colourful and spring-like outfits soon so stay tuned :)

Have a lovely day you lot :) xx


  1. Love that dress!xx

  2. This outfit is so great and your hair is incredibly long!

  3. you look lovely i love your hair.

  4. I was wearing that dress the other day! x

  5. I love that top!
    Your blog is amazing - I'm a new follower!
    Would mean a lot if you checked my blog out as I'm new to blogging!

    Ella x

  6. I'm in love with your studded loafers! ;)

    Ericka from The Philippines

  7. I want your whole outfit! Those loafers are definitely the perfect shoes
    Maybe we can follow each other~

  8. cool outfit! I love your top and flats!

  9. love your look :)


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