Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas presents and haul


(New Look, Internacionale, River Island)

(Internacionale, H&M)


hair dyes, Look blush make-up, Kate Moss for Rimmel lipstick, Topshop 'Innocent' lipstick

iPhone 4s, River Island men's Skinny Dip iPhone case

(watch - Topman, body chain - Topshop, cross necklace - River Island, gold detachable collar - Topshop, silver stud collar - River Island, triangle necklace - Topshop, cross earrings - Topshop, cross ear cuff - Internacionale)

(tee with necklace - River Island, cross top/dress - Republic, burgundy top - Primark)

(all River Island)

pyjama - Primark

duvet set - Primark

macaroon maker - Selfridges
Babyliss beach Wave Envy curlers - Asda

(burgundy high heels - Topshop, white loafers - River Island, black heels - New Look)

purse - River Island

First of all, Happy New Year to all you lovely people and I hope you had a good start of the year :) I certainly did being surrounded with my friends. This post is quite overdue but it's better late than never.

Here are the presents I got this Christmas including some stuff I bought myself as well. I'm very grateful for what I received and couldn't ask for more. But let's remember it's not about the material things but the immaterial things around us that's important such as family and friends, I was surrounded with my family and that was the best present I could have ever asked.

On the other hand, it wouldn't hurt to have a few nice things now and again (for me that's mostly again and again, shopaholic right here) I finally got an dad tried to trick me by having me open a cracked iPhone first, I was okay with it though as I just thought to myself that it just needs the screen repairing then he gave me another box and then there it was, a new one with it's screen all intact, it was a nice surprise. So now I've jumped into the band wagon and joined Instagram so follow me: @marieljanina  I've been snapping away ever since I got the phone, oh I love it.

I also got your typical girlie stuff both presents from my family and also from myself: clothes, make-up, shoes and jewellery.

I am a happy gal indeed :) you shall see these items in my outfit posts in later posts to come :)  I have already worn some items for New Years Eve but wasn't able to take pictures of the outfit because of it being dark and rainy *sigh English weather sigh*

What about you guys, what did you guys get for Christmas? Post a link to posts/pictures down the comments if you have any :) xo


  1. Lovely stuff dear..
    You have a great treasure there.
    I love your skirt and shoes somuch:)


  2. Amazing items! Especially the red velvet skirt! (Or is it a dress?) still gorgeous though! x

  3. What a great Christmas you had. I love that Primark duvet set. Looks beautiful.

  4. wow! can´t tell you how much I adore the things! love the jewellery your hats and the burgundy prikmark shirt ... but my fav´s are your loafers they´re just AMAZING!!!!!

  5. The Sea Shell Pralines are my favourite ever chocolates, I actually ate a whole box on Christmas day!

    Love that jumper btw!

  6. Love all the skirts and its always good to get chocolate!xx

  7. I can't until you style those skirts, they are ALL so lovely :)

  8. I love that Primark's red top! <3

  9. You got some amazing presents, love the burgundy topshop heels and the tops! So jealous of your iphone, lucky girl!


  10. They are one of my favorite accessories.

  11. I looovvve the Topshop heels! You got amazing presents.

    xo Ashley

  12. OMG!!! I love your stuffs!!! <3

  13. Lovely things!

  14. shit i kept scrolling through this like damn shes got a tonneee of treats when will it end?!

    all gorgeous though! reeeeally like your blog and you've got lushh style xxx

  15. The duvet print is gorgeous!
    And looove the shoes!
    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog!:)


  16. i just love the things!! xx

  17. also ich muss sagen, dass mir diese Jacke sehr gut gefällt, daher 5 Sterne. Da ich die strick jacken eigentl zu allem Winter als Trainingsjacke oder beim aufwärmen vorm Spiel, oder wenn es Sommer/Herbst/Frühling ist als normale jacken damen, falls es regnet oder ein bisschen frisch ist. Sie erfüllt auf jeden Fall den Zweck zu 100%


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