Sunday, June 10, 2012

Catacombs of Paris Photo Diary

Real human bones under Paris
Fresh and perfect fruits from fruit vendors near the train station
Under Paris in the Catacombs
Pretty much the main car for major cities like Paris
Cute mini in the middle of a round about
Pretending to kiss the skulls but not really doing it 'cause that's just gross
Evening dinner
Heavy ass earrings from Dorothy Perkins also available in Topshop
Sister's cool earrings
Well inside the Catacombs
Harry Potter's skull, haha jokes, I don't know if it's drawn on or not

 So here's another photo diary from a short holiday in Paris where we went to the Catacombs of Paris.
For anyone who does't know what it is, it's basically a massive cemetery underneath of Paris where bones and bones of thousands of people were placed after the King of France from hundreds of years ago decided that they were running out of land space for the dead bodies from the Black Death so he decided they be moved underground.

And now here we are walking metres and metres underneath Paris where bones are buried deep. It's actually not that creepy or weird being surrounded with 100+ year old bones maybe it's because there were quite a few people around so it took the scaryness off.

I really recommend visiting the place if you're ever in Paris, first it's not really scary and you're going to be seeing a part of Paris history that's very old which also I think is a bit under rated, just wouldn't recommend it for anyone who doesn't like confined spaces or are claustrophobic. Also a pre-warn, there's a bit of a treck up very tight spaced, small stairs to get out of the Catacombs and you get out at a different place about a mile maybe 2 miles away from the entrance so don't forget a map :)

More pictures later on :) Hope you have a good weekend  xx

P.S. Apologies for the blurry pictures from the Catacombs since it was dark so I had to amp up the camera ISO thus resulting to more blurriness. 


  1. Sounds like such an amazing trip!

    I didn't get to go to the Catacombs when I was there :( It's only my list of things I have to see/do next time

  2. It still looks creepy to me =)
    Your pictures look great though.

  3. beautiful diary:) love your ombre hair ;)
    lots of love xx

  4. Great pictures and I love your hair!

  5. i love your blog. Please visit me more:

  6. I find the skulls way too creepy but I still like your photos! I like your outfit too 'cause sneakers and skirts feel so comfortable to wear specially it seems like you we're having a tour there. Thanks for dropping comments on my blog btw. Godbless!

  7. wow what an interesting place to visit!

  8. Ahh I so want to go to paris! I'm really jealous. I love your skirt and the look of the food. nooooom!

  9. yummyyyyy! :)
    Paris is such a beautiful city, I love it there!
    great photos by the way :)

  10. amazing outfit & pictures!

  11. Great pics!!!


  12. Aww thank you so much :)) amazing pictures,I love your hair!! xx

  13. Amazing photos and outfit! Looks like you had an amazing time! ;)

    xx so

  14. Your hair looks amazing!
    & beautiful pictures :)

  15. Wow amazing photographs!! You looked lovely too!

  16. These photographs are all so inspiring! I'm glad you enjoyed your trip to Paris. I loved your look so much. I really like your blog and hope that we can both follow each other. :)


  17. your hair looks amazing and i love your outfit - check out my new look giveaway on my blog its a goodun xxx

  18. OMG u are so beautifuL:D
    AND UR PICS ARE CREEPY ahah but really cool :D
    want to follow each other pretty?Visit my Blog

  19. These pictures are amazing and your outfit is beautiful. Love your hair too! x

  20. your hair is gorgeous!! so jealous. you look like you had the most wonderful time in paris. I'm trying to pursuade someone to take me back there for me 21st. failing big time though with that request. ha! - jade xxx

  21. Wow, amazing photos! I love your hair and the cute outfit <3
    Mmm, watermelon haha
    And the skull wall is amazing!

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    Trendy Teal

  22. Love the photos and your earrings are awesome


  23. NICE POST! What an interesting place to visit :) All of your photos were great! btw, I love your OMBRE hair :D

  24. Woow you're so beautiful!
    I love your hair :) I had died liek this too !
    Nice pictures! My earrings are from Zara but from last year :D

  25. really gorgeous photos- you are so pretty!

    x Jordan
    - Boho Vanity -

  26. you are so pretty
    nice pictures anyway

  27. super cool post! Love your hair, outfit, makeup, the food... :)the photos...awesome post!

  28. omg! I don't think I'd be gutsy enough to walk around there, just looking at those skulls is giving me goosebumps. hehehehe. I love your outfit! Oh and that burger looks sooooooooooo good! Gimme some! hehehe

  29. Wowsers you look like you had such a fun time! Very gothic and Paris like I must say! And I envy your style so much....I pretty much want all of your clothes. Right now. And your hair is amazing, just sets the look off loads. Lovely lovely blog!

    Gemma x

  30. Oh those are amazing Paris captures. I've been to Paris for many times now, but I never got to the catacombs - I have to do that next time I'm there!
    Anyway you look super adorable & I totally love your hair.
    Thanks for your nice comment, it sure means a lot :)!


  31. love your style and the cheeseburger looks so delicious <3

  32. Really nice look ! Your skirt is great !


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