Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Beach

 (zebra bralet/bustier - Primark, velvet skirt - arkclothing, Vans - Office ebay store, frilly socks - Topshop, bag - Primark, sunnies - H&M)

So sorry for a late post, just been working a lot since I need some money for a lot of things this days like Fathers Day, 2 parties and Alton Towers on Monday :)

Anyways, here's the last photo diary from the mini holiday in France. These pictures weren't taken from Paris which I hope you would've already gathered as Paris has no surrounding sea around, just rivers.
We drove to a nearby beach area on the way to catch the ferry and to stop over and rest.

The beach was really nice, the sand was soft and there were a lot of crabs, unfortunately they were dead. Loads of sea shells and actually even saw a weird jelly fish looking thing (maybe it was). 
Then we had dinner at the restaurants by the shore where we ate outside and I could see the sunset by the horizon as I was eating, it was a lovely scenery.

I hope you enjoyed all the photos from this holiday and I will be going to another holiday this year in September to Egypt so hopefully there would be more holiday photo diaries :)

Have a good weekend lovelies :) xx

P.S. Thank you for all your lovely comments :)



  1. What great photos, especially the one of the bird flying through the sunlight :) Makes me miss the beach, it's too cold where I live at the moment to go to the beach!

  2. Beautiful place!

  3. These photos are gorgeous! I love your backpack, it is adorable.

    Carmen Ri.

  4. Lovely pictures!
    I'm now following your blog, and would love if you could follow back.

    Mix & Match

  5. Nice pictures,I am dreaming to my vacation.
    I wonder if you would like to follow each other:).

    Happy blogging!

  6. amazing photos !! looking fab x

  7. your ombre hair is beautiful! and every food pic just looks so yummy :)

    Parade of Dresses

  8. Looks like a heavenly day! Thanks for sharing!

  9. These are seriously gorgeous photos, glad you had a good time in France! Your outfit is to die for! Especially the velvet skirt, I love it! xx

  10. Stunning photos! Now I'm in the mood to go to the beach haha. I love your outfit too, especially the skirt :) xxx

  11. This post warmed my heart. I absolutely love the ocean but it's hours away from me. After seeing this - I want to go buy a plane ticket and soak my feet on the beach!

    p.s You are so pretty, and I love your shoes


    sending you happy spells

  12. amazing photos! love your blog!!

    follow each other?

  13. Your photo's are breathtaking! And your outfit is so lovely too!:)Xx

  14. Nice dress! xo, Alma

  15. Love your pictures!



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