Monday, June 6, 2011

DIARY 62 - May 31, 2011 - What I Wore (The purple flowers against the green grass)

(floral dress - carboot, blue-green floral patterened tights - gift from my grandmother but from Matalan, blue blazer - carboot but from Wallis, brown sling bag - carboot, fringed ankle boots - carboot, bracelets - mostly from friends and some of my own)

So this is what I wore for going to a carboot sale during Sunday last week, which then also turned out to be what I wore for a 2 hour walk home from the carboot, since me and my sister didn't have any phone credit and couldn't ring our dad. But I found the walk quite alright, one, because it's healthy and 2, because I've never walked that particular route we took so it was quite nice trying it out, since I'm also planning on taking the route for jogging during summer, so it was nice to see what it was like.

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