1. bullets and thorns

    Friday, January 23, 2015

    bullets and thorns

    (playsuit - Primark, trainers - River Island, bag - New Look, necklace - Topshop)

    I'm all for playsuits especially when they're comfy as pjs like this Guns & Roses playsuit I nabbed on sale from Primark. It's a size too big but it works better that way because it actually feels like an actual pyjama then.
    Matched my lips to the playsuit too, or maybe I just used that as an excuse to wear red lips.

    This is officially the last lagged outfit post from last year and so far there has been none taken from this year yet but I have 1 month left until I am back in England and re-united with my wardrobe.

    I am saddened by the fact I will depart from my friends and this city I now got used to calling 'home' but I'd be lying to myself if I don't admit that I didn't miss home, my mum, my sister, our cat and all home comforts including home cooked meals, my own bed, having an actual bath and of course my abundant collection of clothes and shoes that I have missed wearing.

  2. Noël de Paris

    Wednesday, January 14, 2015

    Noël de Paris

    The holiday season is officially over for another 11 months and so before the time flies by again to December I wanted to share my Christmas in the city before it's too late.

    I feel so blessed to have been able to spend Christmas in Paris with my sister and her boyfriend being so near the city whilst I live here in Antwerp. 

    I have been to Paris in the winter/holiday season before including New Years but never Christmas so now I can tick that off my list too.

    It seems that every time I'm in the city I do/try/discover something new like this time I tried mulled wine for the first time and being a non-lover of wines I was surprised that I actually drank a full medium cup of it. We also snacked on pork knuckle (also a first) on Christmas Day before we had Christmas dinner later on that night.  

    Myself and my sister also completed our panoramic views of Paris by riding the Roue de Paris (a complete photo diary of the panoramic views soon).

    Christmas in Paris was so good and I can't wait for the next holiday season and also for the next adventures in Paris. 

    Hope you're all having a good week and stay tuned for more photo diaries.

  3. staples: peplums

    Monday, January 12, 2015

    staples: peplums

    (peplum top & necklace - H&M, jeans - Topshop, boots - Boohoo, bag - New Look)

    Taking a break from photo diaries from Paris for a moment to bring you this outfit. But firstly, let's all pray (if you don't then just take a moment) for those who were injured and killed during the recent attacks in Paris and hope that all these violent attacks stop not only in Paris but anywhere else too.

    This outfit, I wore last year and I'm only getting the chance to post now because I have such a long backlog of posts still.

    Peplums - I love them, I think they're a staple and they are classy, elegant, girly and even playful, depending on the colours you choose and how you style it.
    It's easy to style and gives you such a good shape so I'm definitely getting some more peplum pieces this year. 

    Have a good week ahead everybody :) x

  4. Je t'aime Paris pt. 2

    Monday, January 5, 2015

    Je t'aime Paris pt. 2

    (Outfit: top - Topshop, skirt - River Island, bag - Primark, shoes - Asos)

    Part 2 of my long Parisian holiday photo diary is here.
    For the 2nd day we decided to visit Musee L'Orangerie but found out that it was closed so therefore we just ended up wondering around aimlessly taking photos and absorbing Jardin des Tuileries during sunset.

    Then we ended, as one would, in Musee du Louvre by nightfall and the sight of the Museum and the pyramids with the perfect round moon is just one of the best sights I have ever seen. The combination of the architecture with nature was just perfection. 
    So we sat there for quite a long while after getting lost taking photos and gawking at professional photo shoots of newly weds. 

    Eventually after realizing that it was getting late we then decided to head on over to Notre Dame for some dinner and on the way passing through Pont des Arts.
    It was amazing to see how much locks there really was and imagining all those keys in the river and all those couples from years back who have placed them there. But it's also quite sad to see how the bridge is falling apart with the weight of the locks that wooden boards had to be put up to stop any more locks from being placed there. 

    Finally Notre-Dame, the Lady of Paris. Ever so beautiful morning or night but except those damn rats by the hedges who all come out at night. You could hear them squeak as you walk past and a slight chance that one runs past your feet too. But then it wouldn't be Notre-Dame without them so you still have to experience the Cathedral by night to get the fullest of it and yes even the vile creatures.

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