1. Life in Antwerp

    Saturday, October 18, 2014

    Life in Antwerp

    Hi guys,how are you? I know it's been so long since my last post (almost 2 months) and I do have valid explanations as per usual, here they go.

    First off, I went off to a 2 week holiday to Paris which was so much fun I barely went on my laptop to blog or do anything whilst I was there although I did spam Instagram everyday during my holiday so maybe you kept up with me during that time.
    Secondly, straight after Paris, I then had to prepare and sort out things before I then had to travel again to where I am now: Antwerp, Belgium.
    I am currently in Belgium for a catering internship so for the past 4 weeks I have been trying to learn the language, explore the city, meet new people and prepare myself for a 4 month work placement in a hotel.

    I have so many photos from Paris that I want to share and now even more photos too from Antwerp from the last 4 weeks. I'll take it slow and in turns of Paris to Antwerp so it's not like I'm spamming you guys with the same stuff all the time. 

    First off: Life in Antwerp

    I love this city. I've always been a city girl and moving to the countryside in England was a real bummer for me because I just love the energy in a city. The smell of the pollution, the noise of traffic straight outside our apartment, the constant hustle and bustle with people, the nearly getting ran over by cyclists and the fact that everything is so easily accessible if not by walking then by tram or train, all of a cities pros and cons. 

    Antwerp is so near to my favourite cities: London & Paris (via the Eurostar, which by the way is so amazing!) and Amsterdam, although I've not been yet, I trust TFIOS enough to know it's a dream city to visit. 

    During the first week, I almost had hyperventilation after discovering the high street and how many of my favourite brands the high street housed such as: Urban Outfitters, River Island, Forever 21, H&M, Zara and so much more. Being the avid shopper that I am, I almost died with excitement especially since my local high street back home doesn't even have some of the brands that are here. 
    Cafes, restaurants, fast food restaurants, bars, etc. they're everywhere too as you'd expect living in a city.

    You know what's everywhere too? Bicycles. I cannot count how many times I've been nearly ran over by a cyclist but after living here for a few weeks now, I am getting the hang of where cyclists and pedestrians should be and my ears are starting to pay attention to cyclist's bells. 
    Students, they're everywhere as well considering this city is a student city as well as being the diamond city. So sometimes, I feel like as if I'm attending university since I also live in a student hostel.

    To summarize, life in Antwerp is great, I love the city, I love the people and hopefully I'll love my work placement too then everything would be grand. 

    I know, I know, this is such a long post but I suppose, it makes up for 2 months of non-existence. 
    Next post = Paris so stay tuned.

    Have a great week ahead lovelies xo

  2. B for burgundy and beach

    Wednesday, August 27, 2014

    B for burgundy and beach

    (shirt & necklace - H&M, shorts - Topshop, gladiator sandals - New Look)

    WOW! What a long hiatus from blogging! Gosh, I've certainly missed it and certainly shaking my head on how I've lacked so much when it's summer time!

    Here's a post I've been meaning to post weeks ago. Just a simple shirt and shorts combo with burgundy and white as my main palette since burgundy is my favourite colour.
    I added snippets of one of the beaches here in Cornwall too since I wasn't able to visit any this year I thought I'd throw it back a year.

    I hope you guys had a good summer and are ready for this Autumn that descending more and more. Anyway bisous x

  3. classic denim

    Friday, June 20, 2014

    classic denim

    (denim jacket - carboot, dress - River Island, Vans via Office, lips - Born Pretty)

    Loving the sunshine weather England's currently having and so taking full advantage of it with light dressing with a pastel dress and just a classic denim jacket in case it does go cold cause everyone knows England's weather is bipolar. Took out these bright green Vans as well as I've not worn them in ages and it just reminded me of how comfy they are and can totally add statement to an outfit.
    Some black lips too for some edginess and would've loved to have a choker necklace too but I'm still in the hunt for a good one, otherwise this outfit would've been ace on my books :)
    Check out this review and links with discount for the black lipstick I'm wearing in this post.
    Hope y'all are having a fab summer so far :) xo


  4. Born Pretty

    Monday, June 9, 2014

    Born Pretty

    (Born Pretty:
    lip balms - dark plum & cherry,

    Hey lovelies, summer is here and England has been looking pretty nice with the sunshine here and there. Speaking of looking nice, here I am back with a beauty review, cause who doesn't like to look pretty once in a while right? :)

    Born Pretty is an online makeup shop and here are some items they have on offer within the site.

    If you've been following me for a while now, you'd know my strong affinity for lip products that if I had to choose one make-up item only it will be a lipstick, guaranteed.
    So when given the choice to choose from the wide range of items in the site, I obviously deviated to the lip products first and chose these 2 lip balms in dark plum and cherry colour. I know it's dark and wintery but I kind of dig the idea of dark colours during summer and a dark lippie just gives the right edginess.
    The products are lip balms and not lipsticks so the formula is really soft on the lips but stays on like a lipstick without drying your lips and making them chappy.

    I also chose an eyeshadow palette cause you can never have enough of pretty colours :) I chose a palette with some shimmer and matte shadows for texture and chose one with more of a pastel theme for subtle summer eye make-up.The colours are pretty, the top row can be used for day and the bottom one more for night or just mix and match. The shadows stay on for hours too, of course with the help of eye primer for longevity.
    There's a range of different palettes to choose from in the site as well if you're more into brighter or darker shades.

    Finally the last item is the angled foundation brush. I actually wanted this to use for contouring as I wanted an angled one to make hollow cheek effects easier to achieve and this certainly holds up to that. The angle totally helps for contouring but at the same time the thickness lets you blend the make-up in. It's soft and small enough as well to put in your make-up bag.

    Check out the site for more beauty items here and don't forget you can get 10% off with the code 'JPG10'. For links to the items featured in this post, just click on the item tags :)

    I hope you're having a good summer lovelies xo

  5. Flashback: The Eden Project

    Saturday, May 24, 2014

    The Eden Project

    A flashback post to last year's Summer time when I went to the Eden Project to check it out. I realised the other day that I haven't posted any of the photos here and for y'all who've been following me quite a while will know how I love to post my travels and my photo diaries (see here). So I thought I would do a flashback post to remind that winter isn't forever and soon the sun will come out and play again and that's a time a lot of us can't wait for.

    We visited the Eden Project as it is one of the many touristy places here in Cornwall and having moved here made it easier for us to just drive there during the weekend and we can't really find an excuse not to go with the nice weather and only an hour's drive away. 
    Plus I do love doing touristy things especially going to places I've never been even within just my neighborhood; adventure is a must.

    I love the Eden Project and the best thing about it is the fact that it is a charity and so we only had to pay for a ticket to enter that day but then that ticket is then valid for a whole year so you can come back whenever you want and I really wished we went back for Winter to see how the place looked but nevertheless I shall make my visit again soon. 

    The project looked amazing inside and out. If you're a nature person then this is definitely up your street, the trees, the flowers, the plants, everything is just stunning. I don't really want to go into depth with everything or else this post will be so long, longer than it is already with lots of photos to take in. 

    So what I'm going to do is just leave you guys a link to their site (click here) and you can find out more about it and if you have particular questions then feel free to leave them on the comments and I shall get back to you as soon as although I've only been there once but the imagery and everything about it is still fresh in my mind.
    Also visit the place if you're ever down the great Southwest, it is a fun day out, one you won't regret :)

    Remember that spring is coming soon so hold on to your wits and feel positive :) xo

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